common permutations 19KB (136MB uncompressed)
14 thousand words, sorted. Permutations of common password combinations
pastebin 600KB (2MB uncompressed)
184 thousand words, sorted. Random passwords scraped from
skullsec 1.5MB (5MB uncompressed)
575 thousand words, sorted, all lists from skullsecurity excluding RockYou
skullsec + rockyou 36MB (140MB uncompressed)
15 million words, sorted. All lists from skullsecurity including RockYou
best 51MB (182MB uncompressed)
18 million words, sorted. A "best of" from many smaller wordlists 58MB (216MB uncompressed)
23 million words, sorted. Taken from 346MB (2.4GB uncompressed)
225 million words, sorted, taken from
john the ripper 226MB (2.4GB uncompressed)
263 million words, sorted, taken from
megarist 507MB (2.9GB uncompressed)
280 million words, "best of" from many larger wordlists
m3g9tr0n 602MB (1.5GB uncompressed)
122 million cracked hashes, from

All files are compressed using the 7-zip ("7z") compression algorithm.